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A dream come true...

A bespoke collaboration with the world’s top winemakers.



During my first visit to Chile in 1997, I immediately felt a special bond with this beautiful, vast country. My love for this unique wine country is stronger than ever today and was sealed by making my own wine: MONARD LACAZE.

Chile is home to several small old vineyards with their own distinct terroir and microclimate. One of these gems is located at the foot of the majestic Andes mountains, at an altitude of approximately 700 meters. My good friend Jean Pascal Lacaze introduced me there and today we make a unique wine together.

Jean Pascal Lacaze, of French origin, has been at the helm of the famous Domus Aurea & Azul since 2003. These wines have been among the absolute top in Chile for years. Jean Pascal's wines receive high international ratings. The balance between beautiful concentration and elegance, underpinned by its own character, makes Lacaze's wines highly sought after and unique. He is considered one of the world's best winemakers with an extreme eye for detail and perfection. Something I can really identify with. It therefore went without saying that we would vinify a wine together from this special and beautiful vineyard.

Monard Lacaze is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the first providing structure and body, the second providing refinement and elegance. The vineyards have an average age of about 50 years and are in a very healthy condition. The terroir is a mixture of loam and boulders, rich in minerals.

2021 was a beautiful vintage, with just enough rain so that the non-irrigated vineyards did not experience any stress. We made a selection of the very best grapes for the limited edition of Monard Lacaze.

Everything that did not comply was decisively eliminated. The wine was delivered for 18 months in French oak, half of which was new. Jean Pascal and I chose barrels from the renowned French tonnelier Darnajou, a long-time supplier to the best wineries in the world (including the famous Ch. Petrus).

900 bottles of MONARD LACAZE, 60 magnums and 10 double magnums were bottled. The bottles are packed in wooden boxes of 6 bottles.

MONARD LACAZE 2021 - Technical Sheet


75% Cabernet Sauvignon

25% Cabernet Franc


Alto Maipo Valley – Coluvial soil.

Climate & Harvest

The 2021 vintage is considered a cold one, marked by the most substantial winter rainfall in the last decade (200 mm from winter to spring). The growing season started later compared to previous years. Summer temperatures remained moderate, with some rainfall in January that temporarily lowered soil temperatures, causing a brief pause in ripening. March and April provided ideal conditions, and the harvest commenced slowly in May, starting on May 15th.


The grapes underwent a cold maceration resulting in high concentration and good acidity. The fermentation process was traditional, with minimal intervention, except for occasional pump-overs, using gravity, to facilitate gentle extraction. The wine was aged for 18 months in new French barrels from the famous tonnelerie, Darnajou.


This wine is a blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc sourced from neighboring vineyards in Alto Maipo. The yields were quite low due to the age of the vineyards, which are over 50 years old. Jean Pascal oversaw the vinification, while Johan was responsible for the final blend, only a severe selection was retained for Monard Lacaze. The well-concentrated, characteristic Alto Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon provides the structural backbone, while the refined Cabernet Franc adds an elegant touch.


Featuring a deep, dark color, this wine exemplifies the Alto Maipo style with notes of earthy graphite, a touch of salinity, and hints of blonde tobacco. The palate reveals flavors of blackberry coulis, blackcurrants, and refined, classic menthol undertones. The Cabernet Franc contributes a fine and juicy texture in the middle of the palette, polished with very fine and firm tannins. The long finish is marked by balsamic wild berry notes and subtle spicy oak. This wine exhibits multiple layers, promising a bright future. The total production for the 2021 vintage was 900 bottles, 60 magnums and 10 double magnums.

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